Top 20 NuGet feature Packages

A really simple library for checking if a feature is enabled/disabled
A feature toggle library with ASP.Net routing
Allow configuration of featuresusing scripts (currently just javascript)
Add support for feature folders to ASP.NET Core MVC projects.
Easy way to determine features using configurable or runtime conditions
SpecFlow.FeaturesFromTfs updates the contents of specflow .feature files that follow a regex defined naming convention (by default Story{workItemNumber}.feature) from the specified fields of that work item in TFS. This is done every build, and allows you to store the source for your SpecFlow tes...
A unit test adapter for Gherkin specifications.
A parser and test runner for the Gherkin language.
A simple and easy way to write behavior driven tests.
Simple feature flag (feature toggle).
A lightweight framework for feature toggling to enable trunk based development.
Http handler and web.config configuration for Toggle.Net
Feature Toggler is a simple library to enable feature toggling in your application.
A feature flipping system.
NFeatureGate Azure Table Storage Adapter
Feature Gate Framework
Feature Toggle Library
Feature toggle library using Zookeeper config.
Reading feature toggles from config file, and make them available as a property.
Core RToggle