Top 20 NuGet easy Packages

A modern high performance cross platform wrapper around Log4Net.
A Tiny ORMish thing for your POCO's.
Contains a set of interfaces to be implemented by any logger.
PetaPoco is a tiny, single file .NET data access layer inspired by Massive that works with both non-dynamic POCO objects and dynamics. This package includes the core PetaPoco library + T4 templates to generate POCO classes from your database
Quick Start for Simple Injector ASP.NET MVC integration. This package adds the needed dependencies and code examples to get started quickly with Simple Injector in an MVC application.
Adds support for packaging sets of related services to allow registering them together. Consumers can implement the IPackage interface and use the RegisterPackages extension method to dynamically add registrations in the supplied list of assemblies.
Quick Start for Simple Injector ASP.NET Web API integration for IIS-hosted applications. This package adds the needed dependencies and code examples to get started quickly with Simple Injector in an Web API application.
Xamarin Library to load images quickly and easily on Xamarin.Forms. Ensure you call CachedImageRenderer.Init() on each platform!!! Features: - Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin.Mac and Windows (WinRT, UWP) support - Configurable disk and memory caching - Multiple image views us...
Simple Injector ASP.NET Web API Integration.
Simple Injector ASP.NET MVC Integration.
NFluent is an ergonomic check library which aims to fluent your .NET TDD experience (based on simple Check.That() check statements). NFluent aims your tests to be fluent to write (with an happy 'dot' auto completion experience), fluent to read (i.e. as close as possible to plain English expression),...
The Simple Injector ASP.NET Integration package adds a lifestyle to the Simple Injector called 'Per Web Request', which allows instances to live within a single HTTP request and get disposed when the request ends.
A set of useful methods used across Easy.* projects.
ImageUltimate is an ASP.NET Image resizer and a .NET Image Processor which supports ASP.NET Core 5.0+, ASP.NET Core 2.1+, ASP.NET MVC 3.0+ and ASP.NET WebForms 4.7.2+ web applications/web sites. ImageUltimate can also be used for conversion between several image formats with .NET 5.0+ or .NET Core 2...
Thin F# API for AzureTackle for easy data access to AzureTackle database with functional seasoning on top.
Easy.Logger implementation of the Microsoft.Extensions.Logging package which can also be used in ASP.NET Core.
Simple Development!
A Tiny ORMish thing for your POCO's.
The Simple Injector WCF Integration package adds a ServiceHost and ServiceHostFactory to allow dependency injection on WCF service types.
Fabulous extension for FFImageLoading