Top 20 NuGet easy Packages

A fast, lightweight, and easy to use socket library for C#.
The Execution Context Scoping package adds the 'Execution Context Scope' lifestyle, which allows instances to live within an explicitly defined execution context scope (or logical call context) and get disposed when this scope ends. This scope allows flowing through asynchronous method calls.
Azure Storage Easier
.NET sockets made easy (Now part of MniakLibs)
The lightest .NET utility for processing command line arguments
Easyception is a fluent API for managing exceptions.
Easily manage configuration within your .net application
Console app devised for the simple use of PdfResumeParser and usage guide.
The writing portion of our GSLog Telemetry Tool Kit.
This is for logging in the log file with easy two line of code. it supports multiple data type to log without requiring any conversion.
A library made to make UWP development much easier!
It is easier to use configuration in .Net/在.Net中更加容易的使用配置文件。
EzNetworking - A simple to use tcp server / client library
C# Library to easily make Discord bots
Package Description
C# Library to easily make Http requests
Make CSVs easier for any object (reference types) or any built in .Net type(strings, ints, booleans, etc), using any enumerable(custom Enumerables, any Collection, any Set, etc).
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Package Description