Top 20 NuGet easy Packages

Simplifies usage of .net core mvc and web api application with strongly typed features and customizable templates.
Easy Table (easy-table) binding library for Bridge.NET projects.
More Details in Github Link : [DBSearch : Mini/Fast Multiple DBMS Search](
A simple to use and performant Entity-Component-System library loosely based on the LibGDX Ashley ECS library for Java.
EasyDocumentStorage PCL provides a basic and easy to use cross platform document storage.
A fast, lean and opinionated web framework based on the Microsoft ASP.NET Core.
The APRS Client library is a library which will get you up and running in a snap when your goal is to read APRS feeds.
Xamarin.BetterNavigation.Forms contains implementation of Navigation service providing better navigation through application. Xamarin.BetterNavigation.Core contains interfaces that allow to inverse dependencies in the code and still being able to use navigation without knowing anything about Xam...
Mini and User Friendly C# IEnumerable object to HTML Table String Library. More Details in Github Link : [HtmlTableHelper: Mini C# IEnumerable object to HTML Table String Library](
Elasticsearch Bulk and Search is a high level library to make easy basic query operations (get, search and scroll) and index operations (single index or bulk), besides paging, sorting and query buider.
Xamarin.Android Binding for Chrisvin Jem's EasyReveal, an Android Easy Reveal Library
Baseline.FluentHttpExtensions is a single file fluent interface for the System.Net.Http.HttpClient class, now available as a NuGet package!
Recursive Data Framework for local and cloud data which is very quick and fun.
XML (De)Serializer for Easy Web.
Easy coding of csv parsing. This NuGet package adds easy to use csv features.