Top 20 NuGet easy Packages

Fast .NET JSON (De)Serializer, Built On Sigil for Easy Web.
Json.NET (De)Serializer for Easy Web.
NetJSON (De)Serializer for Easy Web.
protobuf-net (De)Serializer for Easy Web.
An inmemory implementation of RDS.CaraBus
This is a simple library to send email via SMTP server as easy as possible
Gets the YouTube ID from a YouTube URL
Library that helps in the development of applications that use the ODBC connection type. This library provides new ODBCConnection extension methods that make it easy to execute querys, inserts, updates, and deletes
This package works with the Giphy Api( If you have any problems or feedback just contact me on
Package Description
Mini/Easy Object Property Value Getter. More Details in Github Link : [ValueGetter: Mini/Faster Object Property Value Getter. ](
More Details in Github Link : [Mini Dapper's POCO Class Generator](
The APRS Client library is a library which will get you up and running in a snap when your goal is to read APRS feeds.
An easy way to transfer file with any size, on tcp protocol
MiA - Easy iOS SDK is a library which facilitates the integration of the Easy Re-direct Checkout in your iOS application.
Easiest and fastest Micro ORM, you've got the queries, you've got the objects, take the best of two worlds ! This is the SQL Server Compact database provider.
EasyAzureServiceBus: This library, inspired by the simple EasyNetQ API, helps you get started with Service Bus 1.1 for Windows Server pub/sub and queues!
Simple and easy user-persistent configuration library for .NET Capable of saving and loading nearly any object onto the disk. Designed to be as easy to use as possible via the use of the dynamic keyword, JSON and a constant striving for slimness. See here for more details:
This is a .NET portable class library for the Easy Insight product from Easy Insight LLC, see
Easy and seamless caching implementation of any virtual method in any class.