Top 20 NuGet easy Packages

Makes it so you can save array data easily in JSON and XML format.
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Package Description
Package Description
a library which provides implmentations for common functionalities like notifications, object state management (save/restore), compatible with ERMs like EF
Utilities for an easy life programming in the null-laden world of C#
A simple way to make a TCP server and contains methods relating to conversions
Move mouse, click keyboard keys, read input and more with this simple library
Interactive CLI Tool for adding and pushing Git Tags easily.
Dumps an object. See more:
A .NET standard library for easy password validation. This library defines 11 predefined checks and an easy way to implement custom checks.
A fast efficient server/client structure for multiplayer games using opcodes
IoC friendly C# .netstandard2.0 library for symmetric cryptographic operations.
Easy-To-Use Rijndael encryption and decryption for .NET
Everyday extension methods to help you focus on coding what matters
Moogie.Http is a single file fluent interface for the System.Net.Http.HttpClient class, now available as a NuGet package!
A similar kind of httpserver known from frameworks such as Express (NodeJs). Very minimalistic and easy to work with.
This package is the linux platform implementation of the NeatInput project. A .NET standard library to easily monitor keyboard and mouse input.