Top 20 NuGet easy Packages

Simplifies writing commands for TShock plugins
A minimum MVVM assister library.
A simple service to hash passwords with PBKDF2 in C#.
A simple service to send emails. This is a wrapper for the deprecated/obsolete System.Net.Mail.SmptClient. This package is meant to help support legacy systems/environments. For new development please use MailKit or other third party packages.
The easiest and fastest way to work with sockets in C#
AltoMultiThreadDownloadManager provides fast and easy management multithreading download
An extension for FakeItEasy which allows for capturing arguments sent to a fake.
The fastest and best ORM lite on .NET Core for MySQL ! -- 友好, 轻量, 极致性能, 无任何第三方依赖, 持续演进~~
Quick Start for Simple Injector WCF integration. This package adds the needed dependencies and code examples to get started quickly with Simple Injector in an WCF application.
WAPI client SDK for WIT-DataCenter plateform
Quick start for Autofac ASP.Net Mvc integration, this package will adds the needed dependencies and code examples to quickly started Autofac IOC with the Asp.Net Mvc.
A fast and easy to use cross platform library for managing data with a SQL Server database based on Dapper.
Reflection-based command line parsing for C#
The Package is for PowerPoint. 1.Comments Add 2.Comments Read 3.Comments Delete 4.Slide Extractor 5.Execute Macro 6.Edit Text 7.ImageExtractor 8.ChartShapeCount 9.ImageShapeCount 10.TextShapeCount 11. Delete Image
Smart Cryptography, Easy, MD5, SHA256 TripleDES Cryptography
A super lightweight handy utility to return a result with a value on success or errors on failure. Better error handling.
DotNetEasyRandom for .Net is an assembly/ library to generate random numbers with the internal Random library from .Net more easily. The assembly was written and tested in .Net 5.0.
Tool to read and parse command line or parse a file with many command lines.
Easiest and fastest Micro ORM, you've got the queries, you've got the objects, take the best of two worlds ! This is the SQL Server database provider.
A simple drop in control for ScintillaNET. Drop a SimpleEditor control onto a form, and select your style.