Top 20 NuGet dynamic Packages

Provides dynamic proxies for RPC clients and servers.
System.Linq.Sql is a light weight set of extensions for System.Linq for making database operations on types that are not known at compile time.
MVVM Framework based on Impromptu Interface
A library to provide strongly typed scenario contexts in Specflow
A simple way to add dynamic, code-defined bread crumbs to new or existing ASP.NET MVC Application
Useful extensions for sdmap/Dapper.
This is a fork of the System.Linq.Dynamic.Library project that was itself forked from the Microsoft System.Linq.Dynamic project. The library allows you to construct dynamic linq queries using string expressions instead of C# expressions. See more information on project site.
PLinq extensions for dynamic data. This is the recommended Dynamic Data package when targetting net 4.5 or above
dynamic json structure for C# 4.0. This provides only single .cs file. dynamic feature for xml/json DevLib is a highly reusable collection of components and core functionalities addressing common crosscutting concerns. It provides a comprehensive set of features that save development time, minimize costs, reduce the use of precious test r...
An evolution of the dynamic linq library based on C# 4 dynamic.
NProxy is a library for the .NET framework to create lightweight dynamic proxies.
Simple & performant model mapping
Auto document all of your WEB APIs and centralize documentation using API platform.
Nuget Package for Ingeniux InSite Search
Nuget Package for Ingeniux Dynamic Site Server Runtime and Design-time API - Alpha
AutoProc is a lightweight Asp.Net Core 2 middleware package which makes it easy to create a backend by exposing your stored procedures as an API.
A simple dynamic proxy.
Extend objects with attributes at runtime.
.NET Standard 2.0 compatible library to dynamically load external .NET libraries into the runtime