Top 20 NuGet dynamic Packages

Clay is a dynamic C# type that will enable you to sculpt objects of any shape just as easily as in JavaScript or other dynamic languages.
Adds a DynamicReportSource to DoddleReport, allowing ExpandoObject's to be used as a ReportSource
xUnit tests for netfx-System.Dynamic.Reflection.
Dynamic Linq Query Builder base on Expressions for ASP.NET MVC. Excellent PrepareQuery method with QueryParams (Razor engine)
Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) algorithm visualization
A tiny aggregator for self-registering HttpModules.
Formo.Cloud works like Formo, but for applications using Azure Configuration.
Dynamically attached object properties.
Catel.Extensions.DynamicObjects library which provides dynamic objects. This adds the IDynamicMetaObjectProvider and ICustomTypeProvider to the ModelBase class.
A small library for efficient and easy HTML parsing using C#'s dynamic feature. Provides extension methods for HtmlAgilityPack's HtmlNode class. Example: How to get the URLs of all images that are within a div with class "container": var urls = document.AsDynamic().body.div("class"...
This package contains the last REST client you will ever need. As well as a world class REST client you also gain access to DynamicApis own REST toolkit used to build the platform.
An ExpandoObject that returns null instead of throwing an exception.
Utilities for dealing with ExpandoObject.
1.0.2g OpenSSL is an open source project that provides a robust, commercial-grade, and full-featured toolkit for the Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocols.
Package for simple web requests. Allows to synchronously or asynchronously send GET and POST requests with one line of code and get response in specified or dynamic object.
Class library that adds dynamic module loading capabilities to Waher.Runtime.Inventory.
Server side paging, sorting and filtering via Dynamic Linq for .Net Core 2.0
A class generator and interceptor based on the Roslyn compiler
Dapper extensions for sdmap.
Dapper extensions for sdmap. Note: FlySql has renamed to SMSOneSQL.