Top 20 NuGet autofac Packages

This package is extension for AE.Http.Proxy which provide simple integration with autofac DI container
ServiceBridge.Interception implementation for Autofac IoC.
Compatibility library for ErrorUnit to work with Autofac Dependency Injector.
This package provides automatic Automatic Factory functionality similar to Castle.Windsor Typed Factories, for the Autofac IoC container.
Radical Framework for M-V-VM and UI Composition (Autofac Integration)
Jabberwocky Glass and Autofac
Jabberwocky Glass and Autofac with MVC
Jabberwocky Glass and Autofac with WebApi
Wrapper for Kleu.Utility.Web for utilizing OWIN SelfHost in the console
Allows your reactions to be managed by Autofac's container life-times
Baasic .NET SDK Library
IoC implementation for the Autofac container.