Top 20 NuGet autofac Packages

An xUnit TestFramework that uses Autofac to resolve tests and their dependencies
Castle extension to support interceptors for types and methods
Autofac integration for burrows. Burrows is a distributed application framework for .NET forked from MassTransit.
A lot of popular frameworks is depended on Castle Dynamic Proxy Generator, but the last one is very slow. I suggest a replacement with compile time proxy and plumbing code generator.
Hypodermic is an IoC container for C++11. It provides dependency injection to your existing design.
Reactive navigation for MVVM applications
StructureMap container configuration for Rocket.Routing
Reactive navigation for MVVM applications
Autofac extensions for Cumulus.
Flatwhite is an AOP library with MVC and WebAPI ActionFilter style using Castle dynamic proxy. You can create MethodFilterAttribute to add custom logic to any methods as soon as it is interceptable by Castle Dynamic Proxy. Flatwhite has 1 built-in OutputCacheFilter to cache method result which can a...
Quick start for Autofac ASP.Net Mvc integration, this package will adds the needed dependencies and code examples to quickly started Autofac IOC with the Asp.Net Mvc.
NetFusion plug-in assembly providing integration points for adapting specific technologies.
ToolKit that makes it easier to use TDD in building and testing actor systems with Akka.NET
Ofl.Data.Abstractions implementation registrations in Autofac
Ofl.Google.Contract implementation registrations in Autofac.
Ofl.Google.Places.Contract implementation registrations in Autofac.
Ofl.Twitch.Abstractions implementation registrations in Autofac.
Ofl.YouTube.Abstractions implementation registrations in Autofac.
Ofl.Google.Maps.Abstractions implementation registrations in Autofac.