Top 20 NuGet analyzers Packages

A collection of analyzers for ASP.NET Core
Analyzer for OpenTK (unofficial)
The goal of DaVinci is to help you to write better object-oriented C# code. Better means maintainable, readable and testable code. Because DaVinci's rule are very strict, it's recommended to use DaVinci when you exercise programming (e.g. coding dojo). For the currently supported rules, have a look...
Implements the StyleCopAnalyzers rule SA1413 as a stand-alone Roslyn analyzer.
CLI for PL.DynamicsCrm.DevKit tool
A simple Roslyn analyzer which reports warnings at 250 LoC or errors az 500 LoC in C# files.
This library is an analyzer and code fix provider based on Roslyn that allows developers to inform others of the exceptions which their methods can throw.
This is a universty project in which I have attempted to develop a Roslyn Analyzer to assist in discovering business processes throughout a solution, and help annotate their purposes. This is then subsequently used to generate a consent list using Roslyn Code Fix analyzer.
Provides the build time generators that respond to the [FlagsEnumeration] partial class attribute.
This utility helps aligning C# code to itslearning coding standards.
Checks that all object-type arguments are checked to be not-null inside of constructor. Provide fixer that adds these checks automatically.
Metapackage that includes analyzers to improve code correctness. Not affiliated with Bob Martin.
Collection of useful C# analyzers
Roslyn based analyzer to analyze asynchronous method name and parameters.