Top 20 NuGet analyzers Packages

This analyzer organizes ctor/method parameters, so every parameter is declared on its own line.
Provides analyzers for validating that: * Tabs are used for indentation. * Lengths of lines, methods, properties, and files are acceptable. * #regions are used within long files and files that contain multiple types. * Method blocks use a single return. * File names match the names of type...
Code analysis rules that are used throught FunFair dotnet packages to pick up common issues that are encountered.
Asyncify-CSharp is an analyzer and codefix that allows you to quickly update your code to use the Task Asynchronous Programming model. This model, introduced in C# 5, adds an intuitive way of handling asynchronous calls within C#. The analyzer allows large codebases to be easily modified to use the ...
Disables DateTime.Now, in favor of DateTime.UtcNow
Enforcing of hungarian notation for Task-producing methods. Two diagnostics with corresponding code fixes enforces that methods returning Task posses name ending with "Async".
ExhaustiveMatching.Analyzer adds exhaustive matching to C# switch statements and expressions. Get compiler errors for missing cases in a switch statement or expression. Mark which switches should have exhaustiveness checking by throwing an exception in the default case. Exhaustiveness checking work...
A way to make it easier to create and work with immutable classes in Bridge.NET
Ensure all members are assigned in an object initializer. Enable with comment above it: // AssignAll enable
Analyzer for Non-copyable struct
Common entry point for any unit test assembly in eShopWorld.
Roslyn Code Fix provider for generating PropertyChanged from inner struct members.
IospAnalyzer is an Roslyn analyzer to enforce the integration operation segregation principle while coding. This package contains the corresponding attributes for annotating the integration and operation methods
A collection of code-quality analyzers based on the new Roslyn platform. This project aims to ensure code-quality as you type it in your editor rather than having to do this as a separate build-step.
A analyzer library for Visual Basic that uses Roslyn to produce refactorings, code analysis, and other niceties. This is a community project, free and open source. Everyone is invited to contribute, fork, share and use the code. No money shall be charged by this software, nor it will be. Ever.
NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") analyzer to disallow calling object.ToString() on types lacking an override.
Provides Roslyn Analyser to provide code suggestions to change DateTime to DateTimeProvider.
Analyzer of ZeroFormatter, verify rule for [ZeroFormattable] classes.