Top 20 NuGet analyzers Packages

UnityEngineAnalyzer is a set of Roslyn analyzers that aim to detect common problems in Unity3D C# code. Unity3D makes it easy for us to make cross platform games, but there are hidden rules about performance and AOT, which might only come with experience, testing or reading the forums. It is hoped t...
A collection of analyzers for projects targeting .NET Desktop framework version 4.0+ that help identify and correct compatibility issues between version updates.
An example implementation of diagnostic analyzers (Roslyn analyzers) inspired by the book Building Maintainable Software by Joost Visser and others.
Arnolyzer Analyzers
Analyzers for PhotonWire, verify rule for create hubs.
BEFORE READING: There are different schools of thought about var keyword usage. This analyzer is inspired by Jeremy post at VarAnalyzer is an Analyzer with Code Fix developed using the Roslyn platform. It allows users to get...
Analyzer for warning if var keyword is used when the type cannot be determined easily by the right operand.
DelSole.CrossAnalyzers is a collection of code analyzers and refactorings for C# on multiple platforms
Process LESS style sheets and ensure that the validation rules described at are followed
A style checker implementing various style checks for C# code - some rules being more esoteric than others.
Rules for Example Comment