Top 20 NuGet analyzers Packages

Synchronization Library and Static Analysis Tool for C# 8 DotNetVault is a library and static code analysis tool that makes managing shared mutable state in multi-threaded applications more manageable and less error prone. It also provides a common abstraction over several commonly used sync...
Sitecore Analyzers
A set of Roslyn analyzers related to exceptions usages
Roslyn Diagnostic Analyzers for Unit Testing with Moq
Code Analyzers supporting using Api Endpoints
General purpose Roslyn-based static code analysis rules for C#. While not intended to be an exact replacement for StyleCop, many of the individual diagnostics are similar to StyleCop rules.
Roslyn analyzers for Catel.
Create warnings about TODO comments
Dolittle CodeAnalysis Rules
Tangl code and analyzer and fix provider to ensure valid tangls. See project url for definition and explanation of tangls.
Roslyn analyzers for Pulumi
Roslyn Analyzers for Clean Code Developer Principles
IospAnalyzer is an Roslyn analyzer to enforce the integration operation segregation principle while coding
This extension analyzes NFluent usages and help you fix common mistakes.
Inclusiveness Analyzer is Roslyn analyzer that checks your code for non-inclusive terms and suggests alternative terms. As humans, we hold many unconscious and implicit biases that we rely on to react quickly to our environment and any novel stimuli. However, since the unconscious brain processes a...
Additional static analisys tools for typical C# usage
Cognitive Complexity Analyzer calculates how hard it is to figure out how the code works.
Generates strongly typed wrapper classes. Similar to Visual Studios native ResX generation, but with Blazor in mind.