Top 20 NuGet analyzers Packages

A iterator-based coroutine class library.
Replace DateTime.Now and DateTime.Today with a call to unit testable SystemTime
Analyzers for KanColleViewer plugins.
Code Analyzers and Fixers for Common Entity Framework Issues built by .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn")
Analyze comments and code fix.
Basic Roslyn analyzers to enforce that files do not start with whitespace, and end with a newline.
Analyzer that checks if async void methods catch exceptions. Much has been written on the topic of avoiding async void methods whenever possible. There are other analyzers to help enforce that practice. However, sometimes such methods are appropriate/necessary. In these cases, the important t...
Checks for explicit default access modifiers - like `private` on a method. More info: .
Introspect is a NuGet Package that enables Design by Introspection.
Simple object mapping library which consists of lightweight library of mapping interfaces, attributes and helper methods with code analyser and generator for generating mapping boilerplate code. What is the difference between this mapper and other object mappers: - No reflection: code is generated ...