Top 20 NuGet analyzers Packages

This package includes analyzers and code fixes for test projects using NUnit 3. The analyzers will mark wrong usages when writing tests, and the code fixes can be used to used to correct these usages. Version 3.0 and upwards works in Visual Studio 2019 (version 16.3) or newer and also enables supre...
A Roslyn analyzer to enforce some good practices in C#
A set of annotations and analyzers that add additional constraints to your codebase
Private analyzers specific to Roslyn repo. These analyzers are not intended for public consumptions outside of the Roslyn repo.
Text Analyzers
Code Analyzers that help find and fix common issues when writing code using the Azure Durable Functions extension.
Microsoft recommended code quality rules and .NET API usage rules implemented as analyzers using the .NET Compiler Platform (Roslyn).
Guidelines for using Google Stackdriver Instrumentation Libraries for ASP.NET Core.
Roslyn Diagnostic Analyzers for helping maintainability or readability of C# code
Roslyn Analyzer for the FileHelpers Library
Provides diagnostic analyzers to warn about incorrect usage of NSubstitute in VB.NET.
Roslyn Diagnostic Analyzers for Unit Testing with MsTest
Package Description
Checks for `ConfigureAwait(false)` usage. More info: * * * *
Public API Analyzers
Provides analyzers for validating that: * Tabs are used for indentation. * Lengths of lines, methods, properties, and files are acceptable. * #regions are used within long files and files that contain multiple types. * Method blocks use a single return. * File names match the names of type...
Roslyn analyzers that spot Bugs, Vulnerabilities and Code Smells in your code. For an even better overall experience, you can use SonarLint for Visual Studio, which is a free extension ( that can be used standalone or with SonarQube (
ViceCode.RoslynAnalyzers contains code analysis rules for convenient work with System.Data.DataRow when creating constructors and setting values to class properties.
Analyzer to check code style against the .NET core coding style guide.
Security static code analyzer for .NET