Top 20 NuGet analyzer Packages

A collection of 110+ analyzers for C#, powered by Roslyn.
Contains ruleset for analyzers, requires the analyzers itself
Roslyn analyzer for checking WebApi response type documentation accuracy
Roslyn analyzer that enforces mapper classes to mention every property of the mapped object
MapEnforcerAnalyzer needs markers to function. This library contain two such markers, MapperAttribute and ExcludeFromMappingAttribute. The first says where the check should be performed, the second excludes source properties from the analysis.
Danish analyzer for Lucene.Net with danish stemmer. Made for Lucene.Net 3.0.3
This package contains simple utility library for wrapping raw SQL queries and C# code analyzer for correctness analysis. Currently supports following features: - Syntax analysis and object usage of SQL queries - Analysis of provided/expected parameters (currently implemented only for Dapper f...
This package provides code fix for string properties inside model classes, Datetime fix, float/double decimal point restrictions and dictinory variables
Package Description
Analyzer that suppresses the CS0702 error, thus allowing any constraint to be used (including 'Delegate' and 'Enum').
Diagnostics analyzer: when interpolated string ($"...") is used as an object, will force it to be cast to FormattableString (this will preserve raw data values and is very useful, for example, when unit testing log messages).
Visual Studio extension and Roslyn analyzer that helps to write unit tests using Moq mocking library. Port of Resharper extension to Roslyn. Works in VS 2017 only.
An analyzer for packages with public APIs.
analyzers and code fixes for unit refactorings
MSBuild properties and target to build Nuget packages for Roslyn analyzers using SDK-style projects.
generate mixin codes with code analyzer/fix provider
A partir de uma entrada, onde contem uma cadeia de caracteres, é gerado uma lista de lexemas+tokens
Compliance Rule Scanner
JIEba.Lucene.Net is an analyzer tools for which is kind to chinese