Top 20 NuGet analyzer Packages

Visual Studio extension and Roslyn analyzer that helps to write unit tests using Moq mocking library. Port of Resharper extension to Roslyn. Works in VS 2017 only.
analyzers and code fixes for unit refactorings
MSBuild properties and target to build Nuget packages for Roslyn analyzers using SDK-style projects.
generate mixin codes with code analyzer/fix provider
Please use Refactoring Essentials.
Analytic software used to track feature usage, exceptions, and all other interesting points.
Contains ruleset for analyzers, requires the analyzers itself
Analyzers for .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") - Validations of Composite Format String at compile-time. - Quick-fixes for Composite Format Strings. Requirement: - Vistual Studio 2015+ - .Net Framework 4.5+
Compliance Rule Scanner