Top 20 NuGet analyzer Packages

The EventSource Analyzer is part of the Semantic Logging Application Block. It can be incorporated into your automated tests to help validate your EventSource instances.
Collection of packages for assisting in QA during .NET software development
Security static code analyzer for .NET
Analyzer utilities for various analyses, including Dataflow analysis based on ControlFlowGraph API in Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.
This is a .NET standard library that tries to parse and analyze the user agent string and extract as many relevant attributes as possible. The library aims to provides a reliable and extensible user agent parsing, browser and device detection. This is a semantic analyzer, so it doesn't rely on any...
Get video information for .NET (ffprobe tool wrapper). Provides media stream details: format, codecs, duration, custom tags.
Views over Dax.Model data to support export in a VertiPaq Analyzer file.
ViewModel to display in a VertiPaq Analyzer viewer the Dax.Model data.
Tabular model object model including statistics from DMV and data distribution for VertiPaq Analyzer and other tools.
Analyzer For AtCoder library
Analyzer For Project using SourceExpander.Embedder
Puma Scan Community Edition is a free software security analyzer providng real time, continuous source code analysis as development teams write and build code. Puma Scan hunts for vulnerabilities identified in the OWASP Top 10, SANS/CWE Top 25, and other common insecure coding patterns.
Provides analyzer diagnostics to warn about incorrect usage of FakeItEasy in C#. Works in Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9 or later.
The collection of AspNetCore functionality for logging with Azure Appinsight and Azure Log Analyzer.
Populate a Dax.Model extracting data from TOM and Analysis Services.
Analyzers and Code Fixes for Visual Studio 2017 (Roslyn-based). Intended for build integration. If you need Visual Studio integration only, please check out the VSIX (Visual Studio extension) from our Web site.
Analytic software used to track feature usage, exceptions, and all other interesting points.
JIEba.Lucene.Net is an analyzer tools for which is kind to chinese
Provides an ETW EventSource analyzer build on .Net Standard 2.0.
Helpers & extensions for writing Roslyn analyzers and code fixes.