Top 20 NuGet analyzer Packages

This library extends functionality of package Microsoft.CodeAnalysis.CSharp Commonly Used Types: Roslynator.CSharp.CSharpFactory Roslynator.CSharp.CSharpFacts Roslynator.CSharp.SyntaxInfo Roslynator.NameGenerator
DO NOT INSTALL THIS PACKAGE. It's no longer maintained and does nothing. Use one of the language-specific analyzer packages instead: FakeItEasy.Analyzer.CSharp or FakeItEasy.Analyzer.VisualBasic.
Roslyn based code analyzers used by Mews systems.
C# Code Analyzers used at Faithlife
Analyzers and Code Fixes for Visual Studio 2017 (Roslyn-based). Intended for build integration. If you need Visual Studio integration only, please check out the VSIX (Visual Studio extension) from our Web site.
Analyzers and CodeFixes for [Record]-marked types. See project site for more details.
Get video information for .NET (ffprobe tool wrapper). Provides media stream details: format, codecs, duration, custom tags.
Roslyn based C# heap allocation diagnostic analyzer that can detect explicit and many implicit allocations like boxing, display classes a.k.a closures, implicit delegate creations, etc The code-assist version that integrates with the Visual Studio 2017 IDE is here, https://marketplace.v...
Analytic software used to track feature usage, exceptions, and all other interesting points.
The EventSource Analyzer is part of the Semantic Logging Application Block. It can be incorporated into your automated tests to help validate your EventSource instances. This library contains a class library that targets .Net Core 2.0 & .Net Standard 2.0.
Roslyn Analyzer for the FileHelpers Library
Reports diagnostics for C# coding guidelines that are not already covered by Resharper. Requires Visual Studio 2017 Update 5 or higher.
JIEba.Lucene.Net is an analyzer tools for which is kind to chinese
Exterminates redundant and useless whitespace.
This analyzer detects where you're using platform- and version-specific (non-universal) Windows 10 UWP APIs, and helps you guard them correctly.
Provides the build time generators that respond to the [FlagsEnumeration] partial class attribute.
Provides the [FlagsEnumeration] attribute for use when signaling when bitwise operators and so forth are to be auto generated at build time.
Provides a re-factoring and re-imagining of the Diagnostic elements deployed in the Analyzer and Code Fixes project template. This particular assembly focuses primarily on the Diagnostic Analyzers with built-in Roslyn compilation support.
An analyzer for packages with public APIs.
A Roslyn analyzer which requires that classes be sealed, abstract or attributed with [Open].