Top 20 NuGet analyzer Packages

JIEba.Lucene.Net is an analyzer tools for which is kind to chinese
Save and load VPAX files
Eunice improves cohesion and modularity in software through hierarchical structure and simplified unidirectional dependencies. Eunice analyses source code, infers its structure and shows if the dependencies match.
A small set of attributes and accompanying analyzers to more tightly constrain your type parameters at design-time.
JIEba.Lucene.Net is an analyzer tools for which is kind to chinese
JIEba.Lucene.Net is an analyzer tools for which is kind to chinese
Cognitive Complexity Analyzer calculates how hard it is to figure out how the code works.
An implementation of .NET documentation rules using Roslyn analyzers and code fixes
Roslyn based C# heap allocation diagnostic analyzer that can detect explicit and many implicit allocations like boxing, display classes a.k.a closures, implicit delegate creations, etc The code-assist version that integrates with the Visual Studio 2019 IDE is here, https://marketplace.v...
Microsoft Application Inspector is a software source code analysis tool that helps identify and surface well-known features and other interesting characteristics of source code to aid in determining what the software is or what it does.
Contains attributes used by the Excubo.Analyzers
DO NOT INSTALL THIS PACKAGE. It's no longer maintained and does nothing. Use one of the language-specific analyzer packages instead: FakeItEasy.Analyzer.CSharp or FakeItEasy.Analyzer.VisualBasic.
Reports diagnostics for C# coding guidelines that are not already covered by Resharper. Requires Visual Studio 2017 Update 5 or higher.
Roslyn based code analyzers used by Mews.
Analyzers for System.Reflection
C# code analyzers used at Faithlife.
The EventSource Analyzer is part of the Semantic Logging Application Block. It can be incorporated into your automated tests to help validate your EventSource instances. This library contains a class library that targets .Net Core 2.0 & .Net Standard 2.0.
Provides an ETW EventSource analyzer build for 'Microsoft.Diagnostics.Tracing'.
A lightweight framework for creating unit tests for Roslyn diagnostic analyzers, code fixes and refactorings. This is a of fork Dustin Campbell's library RoslynNUnitLight - this version is a test framework independent.
Roslyn analyzers for Gu.Localization.