Top 20 NuGet xrmtoolbox Packages

Install solutions developed by Dynamics CRM/365 community
1. Show privilege security role by selected entity in all security role . 2. Show user and team of selected security role based on business unit. 3. Export the result in excel.
Parse log file from your Dynamics CRM/365 CE server
Helps you import a solution archive or extracted folder
A tool to generate Excel and Word document with entities and attributes information
Test your FetchXml queries
A XrmToolBox Plugin that helps in the attribute and entity audit analysis.
The Portal File Explorer allows you to add one or multiple Web Files to the selected Web Page. Great way to add bulk files to your CRM Portal without having to go through the process of adding each file one by one.
With this plugin you can easily access and update your USD configurations
Analyze relationships and related data on Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM. This tool will answer questions like: - If I delete A, what orphaned children will be left? - If I reassign B, what other records will follow? - Why can't I delete C? 1. Select a record using record ...
Tool for efficiently managing User's security in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement
Performs cleanup after migration from Portals v7 to v8
dynamics document template export, edit and import
Delete multiple unmanaged solutions
List of available entities and their record count
XrmToolBox plugin for fixing sitemaps in managed solutions exported from CRM. When exporting solutions, which include a sitemap, you don't want to include any unnecessary elements. This is especially true when developing 3rd party addons. This tool makes it easy to prepare a valid sitemap and repl...
XRMToolbox plugin to allow export and import of descriptions and tags for entities and attributes (fields)
XrmToolbox plug-in that copies Dynamics 365 Duplicate Detection Rules from a source organization to a target organisation
This tool allows you to easily count records per entity for multiple entities.
Bulk delete data from CRM using system views, personal views, or custom FetchXML queries.