Top 20 NuGet xrmtoolbox Packages

BETA! - Used to rename/delete/or change the type of an attribute.
An extractor from Audit history for entities fields.
Comparing what the metadata says a field should be against what the data actually says - ensuring the Data Export Service will correctly sync to SQL
Copy Web Files from source portal to target portal with option to reverse. Sync Site Settings one way.
Douplicates portal by createing exact copy of Configuration Migration tool data file. References are respected.
This is a Xrm Tool Box Plugin for count Records in Dynamics CRM Views or FetchXML result.
View User's and Team's Security Roles and how they related to each other. Also possible to bulk update!
View CRM Users, their audit activity and find users who last logged-in
Reduce the amount of storage space used by removing or deleting different types of information from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
Find out which Plugin differences you have between your CRM Assembly and your Local one.
Adds recommended isolation/accelerator projects for use with the DLaB.Xrm and XrmUnitTest framework to your Visual Studio solution.
Manage activation/deactivation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 workflows
Copies attachments from crm source to crm target environment based on Configuration Migration package data file
Update properties of multiple attributes in one action
Edit code attributes of Microsoft Portals records
Export/Import Dynamics 365 portal records
Add the references required to develop a XrmToolBox plugin
Universal Search tool will allow you to search all entities in D365/CDS for a specific value or perform a wildcard search against all or specific entities in D365/CDS. You can also perform a search against the Metadata in D365/CDS
XrmToolbox plugin to update a local folder to CRM when a file changes
Browse metadata from your Dynamics CRM organization