Top 20 NuGet xrmtoolbox Packages

Manage the SiteMap with no XML edition
This tool is useful to trigger workflows or plugins, as well as bulk updating any number of records with fixed values. It can also delete, assign, and set state of records by the filter specified.
Easy UI to design view layouts and alter queries using FetchXML Builder
XrmToolbox plugin to help you transfer system and user dashboards between different environments.
XrmToolbox plugin to create, modify and delete entity attribute metadata via an Excel template.
Synchronize CRM Reports from and to Disk
Set of tools for XrmToolBox regarding form management
Inspect the usage of attributes per entity
Allows you to define audit settings
Apply same layout to multiple views of the same entity in a single operation
A XrmToolBox Plugin that helps copying field definitions from an entity to another
Investigate DateTime Behavior and execute actions on DateTime attributes
Delete managed solutions easily
Set of tools for XrmToolBox regarding security management
Update Secured Fields in bulk for many profiles in one step
Utility for managing your Word and Excel Document Templates
Exports and Imports translations with contextual information
Manage users personal settings in bulk
Allows you to edit, export and import charts
Manage filters for offline, Outlook and server side synchronizations