Top 20 NuGet xrmtoolbox Packages

Uhhh... It assigns records in bulk.
This tool allows you to import and export access team to an environnement from/to a CSV file.
Solution to update all the Currency Exchange Rates of the CRM
This tool helps you to view FechXML result easly and efficently, and can export it as well to Excel file, or even simple excel file
This tool helps you to view your entity components (Attributes, Processes, Relations and even security rules) easly and efficently and download Assemblies or processes, and can export it as well to Excel file, or even simple excel file. Key Features: 1- View entity Components (Entity Information...
Here you can manage the email template.
MRU functionality is accessible to only through XML. This tools makes it easy to pin/unpin records or views to any user easily, without dealing with XML. You can also get some interesting stats based on what record, dashboard or view was opened to get an idea of the usage.
Edit Entity Meta Data Properties In one Form
A tool to merge security multiple security roles into one.
XrmToolbox plugin to help you transfer system and user charts across multiple environments
University of Westminster's Data Exporter is a plugin for XRM Toolbox that allows users to export more then 5000 records into a CSV file.
A tool to manage the queries of Dynamics Marketing lists and obtain member counts.
This tool calculates rollup fields of records for any entity that you can customize.
Download plug-ins from CRM database.
Version, size and content comparer for different components of CRM.
Global search for various objects throughout the system.
Shrink annotation and email images to reduce database size
Autopublish of Plug-ins and Web Resources, when it changed.
Share personal views with other team or users.
A tool for assigning records in Bulk by Gennaro Eduardo Tangari