Top 20 NuGet xrmtoolbox Packages

Allows to create CRM Attributes via Excel spreadsheet.
Generates Excel Report for duplicates inc. count of completed fields and activities for each record. This will provide more insight to help identify the Master record when performing bulk merges.
Organize and displays Workflows in a Tree structure and Graphs
A tool for importing a solution through multiple organizations by Gennaro Eduardo Tangari
A tool for creating users through multiple organizations by Gennaro Eduardo Tangari
An utility that helps in setting up Solution Packager arguments.
Reset Default Dashboard to 'None' for UCI Apps. Currently, if a User sets a dashboard in UCI to default via the 'set as default' button, they cannot reset this value back to none - not even via Web Client. This plugin helps to re-set users default dashboards to none
XrmToolbox plugin to convert from FetchXML downloaded from Dynamics CRM application to string that can be used in C#/ JavaScript code. 1. Give the source Fetch XML string inside the "Raw Fetch XML" area and click on the Convert! button to proceed 2. Click on convert 3. Click on copy to clipboard and...
My package description.
Extracting Document Templates From Dynamics Crm
1. Retrieve Solutions 2. Make a Copy of Solution 3. Delete Solution 4. Export Solution to folder 5. Export Solution list to excel 6. Publish All Customization.
Configure security role based views
This tool is use for directly Import Record from SQL to CRM
A plugin to open your records in your browser. Choose the record type, enter a Guid and optionally select a form. The plugin will check if the record exists, and opens your record in your browser.
Imports Dynamics 365 portal entities.
New Test Plugin
Comparing CRM Dynamics Entities.
Entites Audit editor for XrmToolBox
Allows you to get latest modified date from selected entities, separated by comma. Admin privileges are necessary to allow exportation.
The exported records are saved using DataContractSerializer into a XML file.