Top 20 NuGet xrmtoolbox Packages

XrmToolbox plugin to help you transfer entity records between different environments.
Plugin for XrmToolBox to bulk download attachments from notes or emails. Also ability to upload note attachments.
This tool is use for directly Import Record from MS SQL to CRM.
This plugin retrieves available and used license details from office 365. You need to have an access to read license details.
This tool will allow you to convert queries from and to QueryExpression, FetchXML, Linq and WebApi.
Edit the Dynamics 365/PowerApps Ribbon/Command Bar from inside the XrmToolBox
A port of the CRM Rest Builder for XrmToolbox
1. Download list of all security role. 2. User can see permission given in each security role to entity. 3. User can see Miscellaneous Privileges. 4. Export result in Excel.
Easily update entity image from the web or from the filesystem
Version Verifier, Steps Manipulator, Auto Deployer (formerly known as Cinteros Tools)
Import, export or delete many-to-many relationships
Easily view details of CRM solution imports
Transfer solution components across solutions
This tool allows to export assemblies from an organization.
Execute Workflows in Bulk using CRM Views or FetchXML Queries.
Check a record access rights for a user
Transfer Word templates from a source organization to a target organization
Transfer views across organizations
Creates a custom entity and populates it with records which represent option-set values
Manage custom entities icons in a single screen