Top 20 NuGet selenium Packages

Selenium is a set of different software tools each with a different approach to supporting browser automation. These tools are highly flexible, allowing many options for locating and manipulating elements within a browser, and one of its key features is the support for automating multiple browser pl...
Provides convenience methods to add browser screenshots to log2html report
A library to ease the creation of Selenium WebDriver instances in .net Core projects. Supports browser instances run locally or on a Selenium grid. Supported Browsers: Chrome Firefox Edge (Windows 10) Internet Explorer 11 (Windows Platforms) Safari (MacOS) Platforms: Windows (PlatformType.Windows)...
Program library for implementing EmotionSoft.East.ScenarioTest to be called from customized Test Runner UI.
Desktop TestRunner UI in which user runs EmotionSoft.East.ScenarioTest.
Gravity API, logging abstraction. Allows to create any type of logging output using standard conventions.
Helpers for all types of tests using Spotfire and Selenium, part of the Spotfire.Selenium project.
This package provides the WebDriver IEDriverServer.exe for allowing WebDriver to use 64 bit version of Internet Explorer for testing.
Fluent Automation is a simplified DSL for web application automation testing.
C# extension that vastly improves upon the WebDriver. It includes functions for tables, selectlists and much more. It is great for converting Watin tests to Selenium because the syntax is very simliar. For more Info and Examples go to
A set of extension methods for common form and CSS-based tasks.
The framework provides an easy to use layer for writing Selenium tests using the Page Object Pattern. Based on XML, you can automatically generate all necessary C# classes, which will represent the tested websites. For more details see Project Site.
A set of additions to extend Webdriver
Operate standard web controls by selenium.
WebDriver for Google Chrome
Plasma provides web automation and testing capabilities to ASP.NET projects.
Naresh Scaler provides a simple framework to run your Selenium C# WebDriver integration tests automatically using Firefox, Chrome and IE. Just install it into an empty C# class library, and look at the sample class provided to see how it works. Named in honour of Huzutech's QA maestro Naresh Deeko...
The TestPipe Test Automation Framework helps you create maintainable browser tests.
A cross platform mobile framework for automating acceptance tests
Joyride's Behavior Driven Development (BDD) binding layer with built-in mobile steps