Top 20 NuGet selenium Packages

[DEPRECATED] Use Install-Package Ocaramba.Features Install-Package Ocaramba.MsTest Install-Package Ocaramba.NUnit Install-Package Ocaramba.xUnit instead
Put Selenium Server Standalone jar in your output folder. version 3.9.1
Basic utilities for performing UI tests based on selenium on CI servers.
[DEPRECATED] Use Install-Package Ocaramba instead
Provides expected conditions extension methods for the WebDriverWait object.
Support for the creation of MSTest based unit tests for Spotfire using Selenium, part of the Spotfire.Selenium project.
Classes to automate Spotfire through Selenium and Chrome, part of the Spotfire.Selenium project.
.Net Bindings for Tested only with Appium@1.18.0 and appium-flutter-driver@1.0.23 See in this Github project for known issues and project state (
Providing Support of Auth, Chain, Rotating Proxies For Selenium Chrome Driver Support Only HTTP Proxies (Chrome Not Support Socks4&5 For Now)
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Configures SpecFlow to be able to easily use Selenium for WebTesting. Makes it possible to annotate a scenario with the browser it's supposed to work with. Contains SauceLabs IWebDriver implementation which has utility methods to update test status.
Package provides a ready to use SpecFlow steps for all commonly used actions based on WebAutomation framework. For more details see Project Site.
[DEPRECATED] Use Install-Package Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.NUnit Install-Package Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.Features or Install-Package Objectivity.Test.Automation.Common.MsTest instead
Custom plugin to generate nunit test to support multiple browser configuration on browser stack using TestStack Seleno
This is the common qa UI tools for Selenium automation testing.
Small and handy assistant for UiTest. Best practics of CUITe, TestStack.White Microsoft UITest. More that 10 000 elements tested.
PageObjects powered by the community, inspired by the DotNetSeleniumExtras.PageObjects package
Extension package for Selenium API. Adds advanced and complicated Selenium actions into Selenium API. Allows bi-directional interaction with Selenium. This package will not affect any current Selenium implementations it will only add extension methods to Selenium API.
RobustHaven.IntegrationTests is used for integration tests with Selenium and NUnit.
.NET logging framework for Selenium Webdriver users. It can output to text and/or console and/or seleniumlog.viewer (can hold screenshots) formats. It has compatible interface to Log4Net (ie., log.Info(), log.Debug(), log.Error(), log.Fatal(), log.Warning()).