Top 20 NuGet selenium Packages

Extension methods for testing layout in selenium
Base class for SpecFlow integration
Various extension methods for the Selenium.Webdriver to make interacting with the browser easier and more natural.
Facilita a intereção com Selenium através de comandos mais simples. Além de facilitar a realização de testes unitários, também é possível realizar Web Crawler ou Web Scraping
LeanFT for Selenium DotNet (C#) SDK that extends the WebDriver API with additional locators and utilities.
Base class for Selenium IWebElement Atoms to work with the APOM principle.
Extension methods to help with Selenium
Selenium is a set of different software tools each with a different approach to supporting browser automation. These tools are highly flexible, allowing many options for locating and manipulating elements within a browser, and one of its key features is the support for automating m...
A base package that helps with x browser tests in Azure DevOps
Pick up NetCoreWebDriverFactory configuration for Nunit 3 test projects from runsettings files and with local file override options. See project URL for details.
For examples please see This library is intended to be used with Specflow and adds a wrapper around selenium.
Search web elements by anchors, i.e. "anchor `First Name` search <input>", "Sign In", "parent `Is this true?` anchor <label> `Yes` search <button/span>", etc., more intuitive and easier than traditonal methods (xpath, css selector, id, name, class name, link, etc.), making Web UI automation testing ...
Support Okapi, providing file report formatter and file logger
Simple and fluent web automation - Make it so easy to write a range of tests from functional, smoke to acceptance tests for your web application that there's no excuse not to.
Framework for interaction with UI using Selenium components using NUint test framework.
Support Okapi, providing text report formatter
Support Okapi, providing text logging
Seleniumplus is a C# .Net Core Selenium extension to make Web UI interactions easier like click in a html element or send text to a input text.
Extensions for the Selenium IWebElement. Integrates properties and methods that are always needed.
Base Class for Selenium Page Objects for the POM and APOM principles.