Top 20 NuGet selenium Packages

A starter package paired with Joyride.Specflow to quickly get you up and running
Provider to store selenium screenshots in data storage providers
Log4net provider to log to azure table storage
Instantiate different webdrivers based on configuration.
Operate standard web controls by selenium.
Provides navigation infrastructure to Selenium WebDriver's page objects for .NET applications
Basic utilities for performing UI tests based on selenium on CI servers.
NeoLoad Selenium wrapper
Common components to support the projects for the SpecByExample Visual Studio extension. The extension offers an intuitive way to create a testing-solution for a Specification by Example approach to automated testing of webbased application.
SSAK - Selenium Specflow Automation Kit Provides Code Wrappers To Ease The Automation QA Process. SSAK Aims To Bridge The Gap between Test Engineers And Code Experts With Underlying Implementation. Professor MMS Mission Is To "Provide A Pragmatic Effective Approach To Automation Development By Optim...
Marquee is an open source, Selenium based, UI Automation library written in F#.
Plugin\Extension for specflow. Main features: Automatic Model Transformations, PreProcessor, WebDriver integration and many another features. Please, see example on github. Any questions you can send me to email
The uncomplicated test automation framework.
Integration of Riganti.Utils.Testing.Selenium.Core for MSTest.TestFramework package.
Plugin that adds the FluentAutomation API to WbTstr.
Auto testing with SpecFlow and Selenium
Add logs to your selenium tests. Outputs: 1. Console 2. Output - debug window 3. Coming Soon..
A Selenium wrapper that make it easy to write UI testing using Page Object Model. The framework is configured to work with RemoteWebDriver only. Add/Update changes in the test.config file according to your need
Adapter to run Selenium tests through AsyncChromeDriver
Aurochses.Xunit.Selenium is a library for creating xUnit tests for Selenium.