Top 20 NuGet selenium Packages

Log4net provider to log to azure table storage
Contains core elements of automation testing framework so i dont have to copy code between different projects
Library for creating and using Selenium tests with Page Object Pattern
Magenic's automation quick start open source framework
This package contains the core library for runing the automated tests (Androids Apps, UWP apps, Web Apps) and executing them using Selenium/CodedUI on cross platforms.
Install Opera Driver (Win32, Win64, macOS, and Linux64) for Selenium WebDriver into your Unit Test Project. "operadriver(.exe)" is copied to bin folder from package folder when the build process. "operadriver(.exe)" is licensed under the New BSD License.
Framework for application test automation
Install PhantomJS (Win32, macOS, and Linux64) into your Unit Test Project. "phantomjs(.exe)" is copied to bin folder from package folder when the build process. NuGet package restoring ready, and no need to commit "phantomjs(.exe)" binary into source code control repository. / The ...
Base class for SpecFlow integration
Pick up NetCoreWebDriverFactory configuration for Nunit 3 test projects from runsettings files and with local file override options. See project URL for details.
[DEPRECATED] Use Install-Package Ocaramba instead
[DEPRECATED] Use Install-Package Ocaramba instead
Strongly typed test framework built on top of selenium, to ease test implementation and support paged object model
C# Test Automation Framework based on Selenium.WebDriver to write browser automated tests with ease. Extends the usage of numerous Selenium types, and provides new useful features. Supports Page Object Model design pattern. Notes: This package does not include any test framework o...
LambdaToXpath lets you generate xpath expressions from C# Lambda expressions
Query selector support for Selenium WebDriver.
Gravity API Standalone Server (SOAP and WebApi) for in-project implementation
Core components for for Selenium WebDriver extensions.
The frameworks provides clear conventions and separation of concerns along with selenium web driver extensions. The main goal is to build stable and easy to use framework.
A simple page framework for performing gherkin-based acceptance test driven development using Selenium WebDriver