Top 20 NuGet selenium Packages

Support of SauceLabs usage.
C# Test Automation Framework based on Selenium.WebDriver and SpecFlow to write browser automated tests with ease, following Behaviour Driven Development. Extends the usage of numerous Selenium types, and provides new useful features. Supports Page Object Model design pattern. Notes: ...
Seleno helps you write automated UI tests in the right way (using Selenium WebDriver).
Log Selenium WebDriver events to
Implementation for Web Automation using Selenium
jQuery selector support for Selenium WebDriver.
Shared components for for Selenium WebDriver extensions.
Core components for for Selenium WebDriver extensions.
Plasma provides web automation and testing capabilities to ASP.NET projects.
Naresh Scaler provides a simple framework to run your Selenium C# WebDriver integration tests automatically using Firefox, Chrome and IE. Just install it into an empty C# class library, and look at the sample class provided to see how it works. Named in honour of Huzutech's QA maestro Naresh Deeko...
A set of extension methods for common form and CSS-based tasks.
A C# wrapper of jQuery for Selenium WebDriver.
Common Selenium Kendo Extensions
Common AngularJs Selenium extensions. Part of RobustHaven.IntegrationTests
Name has changed. Please search for AFrame.Web
Name has changed. Please search for AFrame.Desktop
Name has changed. Please search for AFrame.Mobile
AFrame is a common automation framework built ontop of Selenium for Web Apps, Microsoft CodedUI for Desktop Apps and Appium for Mobile Apps. Utilizing the page object pattern and many others, AFrame gives your automation scripts the ability to be maintainable, flexible, and relia...
This is a simple example of a GUI test case with OpenKeyWord.
A cross platform mobile framework for automating acceptance tests