Top 20 NuGet micro Packages

Inspector module for Gemini, providing a flexible PropertyGrid-esque tool window.
Inspector.Xna module for Gemini, adding editors for XNA types to the Inspector module.
CodeCompiler module for Gemini, providing C# code compilation using Roslyn.
CodeEditor module for Gemini, providing a syntax-highlighted code editor using AvalonEdit.
Connectivity helper for Netduino, Gadgeteer or similar.NET Micro Framework apps. Allows you to send and receive data in convenient ways using events. Contains a driver for the Seeedstudio Bluetooth Shield.
Metro module for Gemini, integrating MahApps Metro window
NRepository.Core is a generic repository library with a strong focus on CQRS.
SharpDX module for Gemini, providing integration for SharpDX/Direct3D content in WPF.
MonoGame module for Gemini, providing WPF integration for MonoGame content.
Inspector.MonoGame module for Gemini, adding editors for MonoGame types to the Inspector module.
EasyDb is a Library for .NET Projects. * Micro ORM * Mapping explicit or by Data Annotations * Simple commands with SQL * Factories for a better project structure * QueryService SqlClient, OleDb, MySqlClient with with MySQLConnector for .NET * Interceptors * No dependencies. Do not require to updat...
.Net Micro Framework Unit Testing Core Libraries.
uScoober: Core interfaces for NETMF
uScoober Feature: Binary.BinaryCodedDecimal
uScoober Feature: Binary.BitCounter
uScoober Feature: Binary.BitMask
uScoober Feature: Binary.Endian
A simple, lightweight, Nano-ORM for .NET
Microsoft .NET Micro Framework Service Manager
SQL Context it is micro-ORM for simple mapping your sql queries and database tables to VB and C# classes. The library has some special features that provide the flexibility to configure the mapping