Top 20 NuGet micro Packages

Msmq transport for EzBus
Microsoft .NET Micro Framework DHCP Service
Microsoft .NET Micro Framework DNS Service
Microsoft .NET Micro Framework HTTP Service
Microsoft .NET Micro Framework SNTP Service
Nano is a micro web framework for building web-based HTTP services and websites for .NET.
Extensions for PeterKottas.DotNetCore.RequestResponse used to serialize Journey
A base library for creating universal application with Caliburn Micro.
A simple cron expression parser that calculates dates based on a cron expression.
micro tools
Classe utilitaires pour la gestion des métadonnées des entités de la bibliothèque Orikami-TA.GreatDomain
A .NET micro ORM created from scratch
Route resolver client for micro services
A math library for .NET Micro Framework. Contains definitions for Angle, 2D and 3D vectors, with Int32 or Single coordinates.
A generic heap datastructure, that satisfies the "heapify" algorithm. A MicroLibrary is a "class library" that is added directly into your own project, instead of being added as a separate reference.
.Net Micro Framework Unit Testing Library
Crow is an Experimental Open Source framework that aims to help developers for creating and managing new applications easily. Main purpose is to create agile, easy to test, aspect oriented applications.