Top 20 NuGet micro Packages

The MyAir3 API allows for discovery, querying and commanding of Airconditioning units connected to a MyAir3 controller. Includes support for .net Micro Framework
uScoober Feature: DataStructures.NotifyCollection
uScoober Driver: Motors.BrushlessSpeedController
uScoober.TestFramework: THE test framework for NETMF
uScoober Threading (Tasks)
uScoober Threading (Tasks) for UI (DispatcherTaskScheduler)
uScoober Driver: Spot Analog Input
uScoober Driver: Spot Digital Input/Output
uScoober Driver: Spot Pwm Output
uScoober Feature: I2C Scanner
uScoober Driver: Spot I2C bus
uScoober Driver: Spot SPI bus
uScoober Driver Interface: Arduino Pin Compat
uScoober.TestFramework: LED Display Interface
uScoober.TestFramework: Character Display Interface
PushettaClient it's a library to use Pushetta push notification API from .Net applications
This is a compact version of AMQP.Net Lite for .NET Micro Framework build for Eclo Solutions SIM800H IoT module.
A lightweight, database first, micro ORM