Top 20 NuGet micro Packages

A fast and easy to use cross platform library for managing data with a SQLite database based on Dapper.
A fast and easy to use cross platform library for managing data with different databases based on Dapper.
A dotnet-new template for Falco web applications.
DrivenDb is a better microORM. Unique features, excellent performance, and cleaner code in as few trips to the database as possible.
.Net Micro Framework Unit Testing Core Libraries.
Minimalist MVVM framework for .NET.
PropertyGrid module for Gemini, utilising the PropertyGrid control from the Extended WPF Toolkit.
Inspector module for Gemini, providing a flexible PropertyGrid-esque tool window.
CodeEditor module for Gemini, providing a syntax-highlighted code editor using AvalonEdit.
ErrorList module for Gemini, providing a tool window to display messages, warnings and errors.
A fast and easy to use cross platform library for managing data with a SQL Server database based on Dapper.
Small .NET Core library which provides middleware to run a Suave app (on top of Kestrel) within ASP.NET Core.
Provides some useful extensions to .NET Standard, TinyCLR and .NET Micro Framework.
Route resolver client for micro services
uScoober Driver: Boards.Netduino
A high performance micro sql helper supporting SQL Server、MySQL、PostgreSQL、SQLite
.NET Micro Framework HTTP client for Azure IoT Devices using Eclo Solutions SIM800H IoT module. Versions available for .NETMF v4.3 and v4.4 See: This package is based in the official Azure Devices SDK code with the required changes to use the SIM800H dri...
Marr DataMapper is a Linq enabled Micro-ORM that allows you to project views into complex object graphs. Contributors: Rick Schott, vitidev, Keivan Beigi, Mark McDowall
FluentData is a Micro ORM that makes it simple to select, insert, update and delete data in a database. It gives the developer the power of ADO.NET but with the convenience of an ORM. It has a simple to use fluent API that uses SQL - the best and most suitable language to query data, and SQL or flue...
UI allowing exposure to the current state of the Microphobia instance.