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HtmlRendererCore is a partial port of HtmlRenderer for .NET Core.
Form generation tool
MigraDocCore.Rendering for .NET Core MigraDocCore.Rendering was ported from MigraDoc version 1.32
MigraDocCore.DocumentObjectModel for .NET Core MigraDocCore.DocumentObjectModel was ported from MigraDoc version 1.32
PdfSharpCore.Charting for .NET Core PdfSharpCore.Charting was ported from PdfSharp
Package Description
PDF generating library for Xamarin.Forms View
This client library enables easy generation of PDF invoices. See for further information.
Port of Invoicer project, by @simonray, to .NET Standard.
Core upgraded to 3.1
HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp.Core is a partial port of HtmlRenderer.PdfSharp for .NET Core
A library to create pdf from xml. Based on PdfSharp
Simple templating engine for generating printouts (labels, invoices, etc) PDF
Package Description
Package Description
A c# library that provides the ability to extract text from various document file formats, e.g. pdf, docx, ppt, etc...
Package Description
Ding.HttpHelper是基于.net core平台开发的Http操作框架。
Using AlmightyPDF to create your first pdf document: 
using almightypdf.Models; using almightypdf.Services;
IPdf pdf = new Pdf(); pdf.CreateAndSavePDF(PdfElements pdfElements); Parameters: String Header
String Body
String Footer
String Stylesheet
Int HeaderHeight
Int FooterHeight
String FileN...
Dotnetcore Html to PDF