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Validate property value of an object.
Http Client (Cross Platform) Supported Platforms: - .NET Framework 4+ - Windows Store - Windows Phone 8+ - Silverlight 5 - Xamarin IOS/Android - PCL
Portable Client Library and HttpClient based OAuth library, including all platform(for PCL as .NET 4.0, .NET 4.5, Silverlight4, Silverlight5, Windows Phone 8.0, Windows Store Apps). This is an independently uploaded package and has source code from various sources aggregated under MIT License. Ori...
A custom scaffolder built using T4Scaffolding and MvcScaffolding which scaffold a ASP .NET controller, SPA View, AngularJs Controller, WEB API...
The R/PPR Common API .NET library.
FluentDAO is a Micro ORM that makes it simple to select, insert, update and delete data in a database. visit for more info.
Base functionality for a simple resource server (Web API web application) including classes for consistent response objects and middleware for token validation
Foundations of a simple authorization server, including token-issuing middleware and interfaces prompt for providing validation of user credentials and implementation of a custom response object.
Foundational interfaces, classes, and utilities to build a simple file server.
ViewModel And BindingModel for SaturnWebApi
ViewModel And BindingModel for SaturnWebApi
C# Framework to work with Path of Exile's public stash API
Http framework for C# web apps.
Cryptopia API
SDK for working with managed APIs and connections hosted in Azure App Service. Azure App Service platform abstracts different SaaS providers and makes easy to work with them with common contract.
A simplistic and robust video game engine for .Net Windows Forms, based entirely on managed code and GDI+ graphics (authored in Visual Basic .Net).
Package Description
Tool to capture request at run time