Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


SDK for working with managed APIs and connections hosted in Azure App Service. Azure App Service platform abstracts different SaaS providers and makes easy to work with them with common contract.
A simple package for easy access to API's, but only currently supporting Glassdoor. It returns the JSON result, as well as converts the result into a full range of necessary classes, accessed via RootObject. For usage details, please see the project site link.
Object Relational Mapped Monitor Extension Library
Gappalytics is a library for google analytics based page tracking for any desktop or mobile application
[DEPRECATED] Use package PureCloudPlatform.Client.V2
Azure implementation of client/server synchrinized cache solution for Microsoft WebAPI implementations.
The ADP Client Connection Library is intended to simplify and aid the process of authenticating, authorizing and connecting to the ADP Marketplace API Gateway. see GitHub page ( for more
Download realtime and historical end of day stock data and historical dividend data and real time data via the Yahoo Finance API
A package to aid in implementing dependency injection in a simplified and performant way
Web api support for test-data data-sets. Source is here -
Access and download OpenDNS statistics from your C# code. This project provides managed .NET API to OpenDNS dashboard.
A .NET wrapper for Oracle Forms 12c Open API
Generic, Configurable and Easy to Use Transient Error Handling API. Package contains template implementations of exponential and linear retry logic, block retry functionality and many options to configure retry mechanics.
The Asp.Net WebApi Owin request extensions.
The SAPIA project provides a standard .NET based HTTP module for web and application servers, which provide the first protection gate for all the application endpoints that protected by it. This project consist of both server-side and client-side functionality. The server side performs the authentic...
Proxy controllers for Leafly's developer API.
Provides Live Monitoring For a web application
A query mapper for OData v4.0, Automapper style. This extension allows you to have a different domain model than your database model, and still be able to pass the OData query down to the database.
DD4T RestService WebApi
Localized Help Page adds localization to your ASP.NET WebAPI Help Page and automatically generates localized Help Page content. Please note that this project is not affiliated with Microsoft in any way. Source code located on