Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


An MSBuild Task to generate Postman v3 collections from WebApi ApiControllers without dependencies on MVC, WebApiHelp or System.Web. Based on Yao's example
Subsonic API written in C#. It's a WIP. Made with love and fluffy paws. Find more info (How to use it) in the project site
Contains attributes and data model classes for generating description of ASP.NET MVC WebAPI
拓展封装了拦截器和格式化器以及参数化以及自动压缩解压数据的的ASP.NET WebApi
This package contains the SharePoint Client Side Object Model libraries for 2013 (on-premises)
Extensões do ASP.NET Web API
Sql fluent command API
The Microsoft ASP.NET Web API hosting library for the "More" framework.
Este pacote mudou para Sistema de filtro baseado no projeto StrongLoop Node.js API Platform desenvolvido pela Atlassian Confluence.
Kevoree Logger Api
Binder is a tool for generating data layers for iOS, Android and other platforms based on your WebAPI Controllers.
Telegram Bot API wrapper for .NET
A Nuget Package for Contains Json.NET MediaTypeFormatter for Web APIs Which Enables You to Use Json.NET Serializer as The Default Json Serializer for Your Web APIs.
It is light weight class to Render razor view to string in dynamically
Allows to generate c# class from salesforce object metadata. Provides api for running query, search, find against salesforce . Also allow create, update,delete salesforce objects.
A .net client package to access BGuest's Integration Api.
VB.NET version of StructureMap.MVC Adds the latest version of structuremap and configures it as the default Dependency Resolver. Works with 'Controllers' and 'ApiControllers'.
This is a .net Api for Riot Games League of Legends written in C#.
A client SDK for working with the Legacy version of the Saasu API.