Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


Resource Application Platform for quickly building web applications and APIs.
Provides a standard interface for interacting with a push trigger callbacks storage mechanism, allowing push triggers to be implemented as pure boilerplate code plus an implementation of ICallbackStore.
.NET library for hitting google maps api
Native Windows API interop declarations
This project contains the api that can be used to access the functionality provided by the events' service.
Searchandiser v2.3.68+
QuickSharpApiClient with c# objects for Web Api
Kaiju API Library
Kaiju Common Library
This is .NET .dll you can refer to in your projects if you want to use Allegro's Web API and don't want to add a Service Reference to their project/solution. The only thing this project does is add a Service Reference to All the API code is then automagic...
Mojio C# SDK
GoogleAnalyticsTracker was created to have a means of tracking specific URL's directly from C#. For example, it enables you to log API calls to Google Analytics.
A small and flexible command line utility, that can create releases on GitHub, including setting the release notes, and uploading file assets.
This class helps you make cached method calls, and ensures the delegate is called only once in multithreaded environments. Useful for loading resources from external urls, making web service calls, running expensive calculations, etc. Sample usage: var result = cm.CachedCall("my_key", 30, delegate...
Hypertheory Web Api Unity Dependency Resolver
This wrapper classes is used to easily integrate Zoho Projects modules like portals, projects, milestones,tasklists, events etc. into your application.
A C# client library for the S4 REST API
Lean wrapper around HttpClient for easy API access.
A C#.Net wrapper for Passkey's RegLink Open API