Top 20 NuGet WebAPI Packages


A couple of helper filters to make instrumenting status code responses to StatsD easier when using the StatsDHelper.
A query mapper for OData v4.0, Automapper style. This extension allows you to have a different domain model than your database model, and still be able to pass the OData query down to the database.
A package to aid in implementing dependency injection in a simplified and performant way
Web api support for test-data data-sets. Source is here -
This package can deserialize any String, Stream, or StreamReader (On HAL+JSON format or not) provided by a web api response. Installation: On the package console run : Install-Package HALJSonDeserializer Usage: After installation you must include the namespace of the package where you will use it:...
Required only by self hosted Web Api apps. Used to enable Prefix & Stackify APM tracking of the requests. Not needed if hosted within IIS.
A toolchain for ASP.NET Core to automatically generating API documentation.
A toolchain for ASP.NET Core to automatically generating API documentation.
This package contains some reusable, flexible and scalable api widgets for Asp.Net Core.
Swagger generator component for Swashbuckle - a Swagger toolchain for ASP.NET Core.
visualize REST requests,the way to share rest api
学科网开放SDK WEB API扩展
Dox42Wrapper is a simple library for C# to abstract away the SOAP service of dox42 Server. It is compiled with .NET Standard 1.2 and can be used with .NET Core >= 1.0 and .NET Framework >= 4.5.1 and so on.
This package requires TypeWriter: After installation you may need to remove signalr-1.0.d.ts installed with signalr typings.
The Microsoft ASP.NET Web API hosting library for the "More" framework.
Opinionated WebApi project setup and configuration
Simple.HttpPatch implementation for .NET to easily allow & apply partial REST-ful service (through Web API)
一个 core webapi的包