Top 20 NuGet WCF Packages

Provides GZip compression over a WCF channel
Behavior extensions that can be plugged into WCF services or service clients.
Provieds an easy way for adding wse-security header into the soap messages; and inspection of request reponse messages.
The proxy generator helps to consume any WCF service, if the client has the contrct dll available. It no need to take service references
DataContract Serializable TableEntity base class that implements azure table storage ITableEntity interface. For the classes that need to be written to table storage, all that is required is to inherit from this base class and that s all. TableEntity class in the client SDK can be used as a base c...
ConfigurationManager for using App.config and Web.config of different assemblys. It have a Wcf.ChannelFactory wich use the ConfigurationManager.
Enables the LightInject service container to be used when creating WCF services.
A library of core helpers, extensions, constants, enums and other useful things for .NET WCF projects.
WFC behavior to log soap messages and headers with log4net only by configuration. No need to change you code. The logging will be done at info level. The package will add the behavior extention to your canfig, to use it on endpoint add: behaviorConfiguration="log4NetBehavior"
A personal nuget package for setting up wcf project quickly.
Attribute validation package for WCF
Provides live WCF trace
Instrumentation is provided using the event provider model. Events are notifications which you receive from the WCF application which can be a security event like password change, UI click events, or exception events like application level errors. These events are captured by the provider and routed...
Bolt code generation tool used by client and server.
This package contains tools to ease the implementation of Responsibility Design-Driven applications.
This package enable some Data Annotations for WCF Projects