Top 20 NuGet WCF Packages

The proxy generator helps to consume any WCF service, if the client has the contrct dll available. It no need to take service references
A set of boilerplate code libraries that facilitate implementation of S.O.L.I.D principles in .Net solutions
NuClear project WCF client
WCF behaviour to enhance the experience when using Application Insights with WCF services
A stand-alone Tcp, Udp, Http, Https, WCF service provider.
Useful tool for my work and hobby.
This package was created by Al-Amin Khan
The project is divided into an API for managing HTTP Namespaces, including an object model for ACLs and Security Descriptors, and a UI with automatic elevation in Windows Vista for operations that require administrative privledge.
Allows injection of custom headers into a WCF client endpoint. See for usage.
PDF.NET (PWMIS Develope Framework for .net) Message Service Framework Server Runtime.
PDF.NET (PWMIS Develope Framework for .net) to Build Message Service for Server Group
PDF.NET (PWMIS Develope Framework for .net) base Enterprise Framework.
Operation Logger for WCF.
Core objects to help streaming with an asynchronous WCF service and ASP.NET Web API.
Intent Framework WCF Library
This library blurs the distinction between calling local and remote methods. It's fast, efficient, and avoids limitations of SOAP-based protocols such as WCF. Source code and documentation will be made available shortly.
Adds capability for consuming WCF-services that authenticate through JWT-tokens.