Top 20 NuGet ORM Packages

Reform ORM
Needed external libraries for RapidORM. Package includes MySql.Data and SQLLite dependencies
Небольшая ORM для SQLite.
Мини orm для SQLIte
Мини ORM для MySQL (и MariaDB)
Easily map data from DbDataReader to Poco objects or Poco to DbCommand parameters. You can use DbDataReader/DbCommand that you already know, and still have an easy to maintain transformation to/from POCO objects.
LyonL.Data.Entity package
This package enables LazyLoading for EntityFramework Core
A simple repository pattern implementation for entity framework code first.
Console runner for NHibernate.ProxyGenerators.
Lightweight near zero-configuration library for easy conventional mapping for nhibernate.
The module that implements Deveel Repository pattern for abstracting the Entity Framework functionalities
DapperContext is a DbContext-like implementation for Dapper, supporting the Unit Of Work pattern and simplifying usage with repository classes and IOC containers.
NHibernate and dynamic linq customizations for using NodaTime
NHibernate customizations for using NodaTime