Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

This is a color translator to convert HTML color identifiers to ARGB values, a stand in for System.Drawing.ColorTranslator in the .NET framework.
SgmlReader is a .NET library that is handy for converting SGML content (like HTML and OFX) into well formed XML via XmlReader, XmlDocument, XDocument or XPathDocument. It runs on Windows and Linux using Mono.
Nequeo Html component
Make it easy to authenticate your app that uses the OneDrive SDK
Generate the recaptcha for your form and validated it. 1-create Account in google recaptcha 2-get publickey/privatekey 3-set key in webconfig : ReCaptchaPrivateKey / ReCaptchaPublicKey 4- add "@using GenRecaptcha" in your View 5- add htmlhelper in the view: 5-1- @Html.recaptcha() 5-2- @Html.Va...
SharpJS is an open-source framework that compiles C# code into HTML and JavaScript to run anywhere. ExaPhaser.WebForms, the UI framework of SharpJS comes with support for multiple well-known CSS frameworks to give your applications an elegant style out-of the box. It also has managed wrapper classes...
HTML to PDF converter that abstracts wkhtmltopdf; requires you to have installed wkhtmltopdf
A fast, robust and easily extensible organization chart layout library without any 3-rd party dependencies. Designed specifically to compute arrangement of rectangular boxes and connectors, for use by applications which represent hierarchical organizational structures in a user-friendly manner. MIT...
Transforms NUnit3 testreport.xml to an HTML-file. Built mainly for SpecFlow and Selenium tests. Usage: \packages\NUnit2HTML.0.1.2\tools\nunit2html.exe .\path\to\nunit3TestReport.xml .\path\to\desired\output.html
HTML pages printing library
Testing a library of HTML objects. Trying to import a class library into a Net Core solution.
This is an agile HTML parser that builds a read/write DOM and supports plain XPATH or XSLT (you actually don't HAVE to understand XPATH nor XSLT to use it, don't worry...). It is a .NET code library that allows you to parse "out of the web" HTML files. The parser is very tolerant with "real world" m...
.NET 4 framework library of additional MVC Html Helper controls. Documentation available at: Issues and bug tracker available at: NuGet pac...
Core library for SessionMessages Modal dialog/StatusBar notifications.
HtmlTable for MVC
.NET Standard Compatible HTML Rendering Library (Needs a compatible rendering surface library such as Reaktix.HtmlRenderer.Skia)