Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

Different utilities for exporting to CSV and HTML
Effortlessly create, manage and style text in Android and iOS using HTML and CSS style sheets
Library for working with Color on iOS and Android
Excel To HTML Parser
Html Agility Pack
My package description.
A standalone library for producing documents of any text-driven format (html, md, csv, etc.) using a powerful and extensible templating engine. Quick Start: 1. use TemplateResolver.Create<YOUR_TYPE>(TEMPLATE) to create your template resolver. Templates use {{PROPERTY_PATH}} for placeholders (can be...
From the Selenio project. Plug this HTML reporter to generate rich step-by-step reports in your test executions.
This is an unofficial package wrapping Awesomium .Net wrapper into a nuget to ease up CI. And fix files not found on vs2017.
Package to help and make easy create Coded UI Tests without using the record option. You can start and finish your tests only coding. CodedUI Agility Pack will help you to find your controls and manipulate their properties.
This package includes basic quickstart boilerplate for PWA Features