Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

HtmlSpeedPack is a fast HTML parser whith a similar API as XmlReader.
Html Agility Pack
Builds html responses from bot
Used for multi-language applications
Grab the HTML code from Flickr's photo page url.
Adds HTML5 Editor Templates (to use new input types) with HTML.EditorFor functions, and support additional html attributes (such as data-bind for knockout)
appMobi's jqMobi "Kitchen Sink" demo running in a Windows8 Store app as a starting point for your html 5 development.
System.Windows.Forms Html Report Control
Genera capa de implantación a envió de correos utilizando SMTP nativo de .net Framework, archivos de configuración XML y plantillas de correos HTML.
HTML Helper for creating pagination using Bootstrap.
Convert Rtf string to Html using Devexpress
Используеться для установки текста(чисел) уведомлений на элементах HTML.
The package contains html to pdf tool.
This is an unofficial package wrapping Awesomium .Net wrapper into a nuget to ease up CI. And fix files not found on vs2017.
تبدیل آدرس اینترنتی و یا فایل اچ تی ام ال به فرمت تصویر
HTML Helpers for Salford Design Language