Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

WinJs HTML Template
Simple MVC custom html helpers (for use in training)
A Bootstrap Themed select HTML Helper for MVC.
Update HTML Lightswtich projects with the javascript files needed for the Spursoft LightSwitch HTML Extension.
Convert Rtf string to Html using Devexpress
Convert Rtf to Html using Dev express
Rtf To Html Using Devexpress
Awesomium is a HTML UI engine for C#
API library for Html5
Pure Javascript framework - unobtrusive MVVM. Full-fledged framework including ajax, routing, validation, scripts/styles dynamic loading, module management. The outstanding points are unobstrusiveness, performance, lightweight, easy to learn, easy to extend controls.
HTML processing of crawled data for NCrawler
A JavaScript fork of HtmlDiff, a library that allows diffing HTML files to output rich HTML text.
ASP.NET MVC HTML Helper that gives current assembly version.
Provides base functionality for Html translation.
A sample package experimenting with inclusion of CSHTML files in NuGet packages
My package description.
wkhtmltopdf x86 exe packaged for ease of use from nuget package manager
XAML FlowDocument to HTML Conversion Prototype
jumony core API and HTML spec.