Top 20 NuGet HTML Packages

Convert Html to valid xml. Practical when processing html using `System.xml`.
EO.WebBrowser.WinForm provides the Windows.Forms version of the WebControl.
EO.Pdf.WinForm provides Windows.Forms version of the PdfViewer control.
HtmlMonkey is a lightweight HTML/XML parser written in C#. It allows you to parse an HTML or XML string into a hierarchy of node objects, which can then be traversed or queried using jQuery-like syntax. In addition, the node objects can be modified or even built from scratch using code. Finally, the...
Lightweight HTML processor
A set of tools to help with .NET API development and diff-ing.
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My package description.
Lastpage is a .net core static website generator based on Mustachio which is based on Mustache.
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An component oritented document static HTML document generator. Combined with WKHTML2PDF, an ideal reporting engine.
A global tool to convert snippets copied from VS Code into plain html to paste into your blog.
C# (.NET) to HTML Generator
Rendering engine for the Knyaz.Optimus library.
Checks for dead anchor/img tag links in URLs and HTML strings
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An utility to read Html OCR data from Tesseract.
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Aspose.HTML Cloud for .NET is a programming SDK that allows software developers to manipulate and convert HTML documents from within their own applications. A Wrapper of RESTfull APIs, Aspose.HTML Cloud for .NET speeds up HTML programming and conversion.